Diner Rouler

It's that time again, now that it's getting "slowly" colder, the Christmas lights are coming out of storage, and the scent of Christmas trees is slowly filling your nose, it's time for our annual diner rouler!!!

You definitely want to be part of this.

(If you don’t know what a diner rouler is, scroll to the end of the message 😁)

Here's what you need to do:

Form a pair and decide together in which house you'll be cooking and hosting guests. When registering your duo, you can text the chosen address to Sandra Talens (+31 6 30440331). Don't forget to mention your allergies and diet wishes. 

You can add the name of your cooking duo in the comments. 

Once you did that all, you can relax, grab a drink, and wait for the schedule to come your way 🤩🍻🍷

Diner rouler is an annual activity organized by Hydrofiel. In this event, pairs of people dine with other pairs. You are matched with different people, allowing you to get to know more members of this wonderful association.

Imagine you and your partner prepare an appetizer together, and you'll have about 4 people visiting your place to enjoy that appetizer. Then, you'll hop on your bike to the address you've been given for the main course, where you'll meet new people to dine with. You'll do the same for dessert. Afterward, we'll all meet in the city to wrap up the evening.

We’re looking forward to see you all the 13th of December 🧡💙