It is finally here!! The first NSZK is on the 9th of October


The competition

On saturday the 9th of October we will have a wonderful raceday at het zwembad van Heerenveen (25m bad, Abe Lenstra Boulevard 23 Q, 8448 JA Heerenveen). Warm up is at 13.15h and the race will start at 13.45h. The expected endtime is 18.30h. 


After the competition a catering service will arrange dinner. We will eat in shifts at the restaurant of the pool. 



The party is on friday October 8th. The goal is to start the party at 19.00h, coming in later is no problem. The integration bingo will be during the party. Location depends on how many people sign up, but it is in Groningen.


The observant Hydrofieler has noticed already that the party and the pool are not in the same city. Luckily the Golfbreker arranged shuttlebusses. On Saturday morning from the city to the pool, and on saturday evening from the pool to the city. Be aware it is faster to go back to Nijmegen straight from the pool.


All NSZK parties are in themed parties, our theme is St. Patrickday, so bring your best outfit.



On friday we can sleep at the members of the Golfbreker in Groningen.



The costs of the NSZK are: 



Sleeping of friday (incl breakfast) 


Competition + dinner


Party friday


Shuttlebus Groningen  pool


Shuttlebus pool  Groningen



Signing up

Please indicate which 2 distances have your preference. Give an indication of the times you think you can swim during the race. Also add wether you want to go to the party, the competition and/or the shuttlebusses.

The deadline is on 21th of september 23:00h and the cancel deadline is on 3rd of oktober 23:00h.



Even though the season has just started, I am super excited!!!


(rug=backstroke, vrij=freestyle, vlinder=butterfly, ss=breaststroke, wissel=individual medley)


4x50m rug mix

100m vrij dames 

100m vrij heren

50m vlinder dames

50m vlinder heren

200m ss dames

200m ss heren

50m vrij dames

50m vrij heren

100m rug dames

100m rug heren

50m ss dames

50m ss heren

200m wissel dames

200m wissel heren

50m rug dames

50m rug heren

100m vlinder dames

100m vlinder heren

4x100m vrij dames

4x50m wissel heren