NSZK I Utrecht

Dear Hydrofielers,

Eventhough the season has just started, our first NSZK is already coming up! It will be held in Utrecht. Let's make it a good start of our season and show everyone else how fit we still are after the summer.


This beautiful weekend will kick off with pre-drinks at Zwembad Krommerijn (Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3, 3584AD Utrecht). Pre-drinks will start at 20:30 and end at 00:15.


The competition on Saturday will take place at Zwembad Krommerijn (Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3, 3584AD Utrecht). Swimmers can enter the pool from 15:15, warming up will start at 15:30. The competition is set to start at 16:00. At the pool, there will be a place to drop luggage. 


Dinner after the competition will be provided by "Smulders kookt" and will be fully vegetarian (or vegan if asked). Dinner will be served at the clubhouse, located at the pool.



In the evening, it is finally time for the highlight of the weekend: the party. The party will take place at Woolloomooloo (Janskerkhof 14, 3512 BL Utrecht), from 22:00 to 03:00. There is a wardrobe for coats and a separate room for other luggage. The theme of the party will be announced later. 

IMPORTANT: There will be an ID check at the door. If someone cannot show ID, access to the party will be denied. At the party, coins need to be used to order beverages. These coins will probably be sold at the pool. 

Sleeping spots

Sleeping spots have been arranged at Sportcentrum Olympos (Uppsalalaan 3, 3584 CT Utrecht).


The costs for this NSZK are as follows:
- Sleeping on Friday: € 2,00
- Competition: € 7.50
- Dinner + Party: € 8,00
- Sleeping on Saturday: € 2,00