The swimming branche at Hydrofiel trains twice a week in the Erica Terpstra pool:

Because of the COVID-19 virus, practice times may deviate. For more information send an e-mail to zwemcommissaris@hydrofiel.nl.


Sarah Drenth

Lysanne Schepper

Iris van Zuilen


As said before, tuesday trainings are taken care of by Lysanne and thursdays by Sarah or Iris. On both days our trainers are helped by a assistant trainer. An assistant trainer is participant is appointed by Hydrofiel in helping several times each year at providing trainings.

For the season of 2020-2021 these are: 
- Emma Arends
- Daphne Dols
- Vincent van 't Hof
- Lizzy Janssen
- Edith Krist
- Torben Lammerdink
- Iris van Marle
- Mieke Nijhof
- Kirsten Opmeer
- Maudy Ruiter
- Jamie Stegeman
- Yvon Wintjes
- Georgette Wortelboer

Each training starts with swimming for a fixed distance. Depending on the time in the season, the remaining of the training then will be filled with different exercises. Some examples:

Hence the trainings are very divers, why it will allways be a lot of fun to go!

Participate in a training?

Would you like to join a training, to see, what it looks like at Hydrofiel? Just send a mail to zwemcommissaris@hydrofiel.nl. Our swimcommisioner then will send you some more information about which trainings are planned for that week. If you participate, please bring your sports card.