From left to right: Veroniek Kersten, Edith Krist, Doortje Brugmans, Ely van Kraaij, Laura van de water en Josephine Bouman

The 50th board of N.S.Z.&W.V. Hydrofiel 2021-2022

Chair: Ely van Kraaij

Hi, I am Ely van Kraaij and I am the Chair of Hydrofiel! In addition to swimming I am currently doing my masters in Law at Tilburg University. I have been swimming since I was a tiny duckling,and you can find me at the swimtrainings. In case you have any questions or remarks, feel free to hit me up in the pool or at the pub. I am also always reachable at

Secretary: Doortje Brugmans

Hi, I am Doortje Brugmans and I am the Secretary of Hydrofiel! I am currently enjoying the long waiting period for my co-schappen (masters medicine). I played waterpolo until I was 15, after a short hiatus I started it back up again at Hydrofiel two years ago. You can catch me anytime you see me, or send an apple or an email to

Treasurer: Laura van de Water

Hi, I am Laura van de Water(polo) and I am the Treasurer of Hydrofiel! Last year I was also part of the board, but just like Doortje I have a long waiting period for my co-schappen (masters medicine). I have been playing waterpolo for more than 15 years, so you can always find me at the waterpolo training, but also definitely at de Kroon on thursdays. If you have any questions, you can always send a whatsapp or email to

Swimming Comissioner: Edith Krist

Hi, I am Edith Krist, and I am the Swimming Commissioner for Hydrofiel! I am in my second year of the bachelor psychology. I am from the wild west and learned to swim at ZV Haerlem. That is also where I did a little detour to waterpolo, but swimming is my biggest love.

You can find me in the pool, at the swim training, and at the NSZK’s. For all questions about swimming and joining for a trial training please email me at

Waterpolo Comissioner: Josephine Bouman

Hi, I am Josephine Bouman and I am the Waterpolo Commissioner of Hydrofiel! Next to waterpolo I am doing the bachelor Biomedical Science at Radboud University. This is my third year playing water polo for Hydrofiel, before i joined the most wonderful club i played at De Reest in Meppel. For questions about water polo and associated activities you can find me in the pool, at de Kroon or send an email to