Become a member?

We recommend joining a training session at Hydrofiel before deciding to become a member. This way, you can ensure that our association aligns with your preferences. To become a member, you need to achieve a basic qualification of 200 meters in the freestyle swim and be capable of swimming for an hour. If you choose to train with us, the coaches can assess whether you meet these requirements.

Would you like to attend a training session? Sign up for a session through the form on our homepage to experience what it's like to be a member of Hydrofiel! For any questions, feel free to contact our swimming commissioner and water polo commissioner.

If you're joining a training session and already have a sports card, please bring it with you. To become a member of Hydrofiel, owning a sports card is a requirement. If you'd like to attend a training session (without commitment) and don't have a sports card (yet), please mention this in your email to the swimming or water polo commissioner.

Interested in becoming a member? Register through the registration form on our homepage.