The waterpolo teams train two times a week at the Erica Terpstra pool. 




Marco van Beuningen is our coach since 2015-2016. He is responsible for the Thuesday and Thuisday training and is often present during the games in the weekends.

Marco is really active within the waterpoloworld and waterpolo federation. Hij is a referee at the premier league level. 

The Womens receive training on Thursday from Frank Askamp, who is also the coach of Women's 2. He has been an active member of the association for a long time and since 2020-2021, he has been a trainer. On Tuesday, the Women's receive training from Dennis Bode, who is also the coach of Women's 1. Dennis is also an active member who has been doing his best to teach our ladies something since 2018-2019.

Rick Arts will start this season with training the women, also on the Tuesday

Together they provide for unique trainings twice a week, different aspect of waterpolo will be dealth with. During a training you will swim with and without ball, you will train your speed, condition and will learn the game. Not one training is the same. 

Join a training?
Are je interested in a waterpolo training? Do you want to join a training? This is possible! Send an email to: waterpolocommissaris@hydrofiel.nl . He will provide you with more information and will make sure someone waits for you in the pool. If you want to join a training but you don't have a subscription at the RSC yet, please let us know in your email!