Hydrofiel is the students swim and water polo association of Nijmegen! In short: two sports, one association! The combination of enthusiastic swimmers and water polo players  makes up a unique student sports association, which provides the opportunity for her members to practice their sport in a sportive and social environment.

The swimming section consists of fanatic swimmers: from starter to experienced competition swimmer. During the season there will be four NSZK ’s  (Nederlandse Studenten Zwem Kompetitie – translated: Dutch Student Swim Competition) organized. All Dutch student swim associations take part at these fun weekends, in which everyone is challenged at his own level.

The water polo section consists out of three zealous men teams, a very motivated ladies team and some recreational water polo players! If you just like to join the training and rather not pay competition, you’re at the right spot with us! Also each year, there are several (outside) tournaments. These tournaments are also accessible for experienced recreational players.

Besides activities in sports, Hydrofiel also is very active on dry land. On a monthly base there’ll be something organised outside the pool, be it a drink, a beertasting, our very own Hydrofiel weekend, a barbecue… and the list goes on and on!

Curious? Everyone is welcome and guided by our professional trainers