The waterpolobranch of Hydrofiel is open for everyone: from beginner to professional. There are three men competition team, one women team and recreative waterpolo players. 

The teams that are playing for the KNZB competition are Mens 1, Mens 2, Mens 3, Womens 1 and Womens 2. The first mens team is playing in third Bond, the second mens team plays in second District and the third mens team plays fourth District. The women play in second district.

It is definitely no obligation to join a competition team. There are a lot of members who only participate in trainings. Aside of joining a competition team, there is the possibility to join a NSWK (Dutch student waterpolo competition) or one of the other tournaments during the year.
If you are interested in playing competitions, but you don't want to play many matches, you can choose to join Hydrofiels little brother-association Hydrofoob. They play in a separate competition (NCS competition). This competition contains 6 to 8 mini-tournaments per year. At such a tournament, the team will play 3 games of 2x8 minutes. This is played in a mixed team.

Because of corona there are no NSWK's scheduled. 

Apart of the competition possibilities mentioned above, there is the possibility to join several tournaments after the competition season. We aim to join 4 to 5 tournaments a year. Apart of the participation in those tournaments, we annually organise our own tournament in the outside pool of 'The Goffertbad'. This tournament is named the Gofferttoernooi. Over the years, this tournament has grown a lot. There are approximately 35-40 teams participating.

Would you like to join a practise or do you have a question about waterpolo at Hydrofiel? You can send an email to waterpolocommissaris@hydrofiel.nl.