Four times a year Hydrofiel participates in the Dutch Student Swimming Competition(NSZK). Here we come together with the other 11 student swimming associations to compete with each other. Each association gets the chance to organise a NSZK, so you will be in different cities throughout the year. The competition usually takes place on a Saturday. There is a broad selection of distances and strokes available to choose from.

To make the weekend even better, we kick it off on friday with pre-drinks in the city the competition takes place in. Then we sleep over in order to be ready for the competition on Saturday. After the competition we get dinner and we leave the pool to make ready for the final party of the weekend. The end party is always a differently themed party, and at 00:00 the results of the competition.

The level of NSZK competitions is very broad, so swimmers of any level are more than welcome to participate. NSZK’s are official KNZB competitions.

Besides delivering individual performances during the competitions, as a participant you score points for the association. The aim, of course, is for us as an association to finish as high as possible in the rankings, fighting for the championship cup every year.

This year, the following competitions are held:

·       NSZK I Utrecht 6-7-8 october 2023

·       NSZK II Delft 1-2-3 december 2023

·       ONKS Eindhoven february 2024

·       NSZK III Leiden 19-20-21 april 2024

·       NSZK IV Maastricht 28-29-30 june 2024