Do you want to become a member of hydrofiel? You can sign up via the digital registration form. When your registration has been administered, you will receive a welcome letter.

To become a member of Hydrofiel, you need to be a student at a University or University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool). Members are allowed to remain affiliated for up to three years after graduation (x+34).

Contribution fee

The association distinguishes between swimmers, water polo recreational, and water polo competitive (KNZB). The membership fee for the 2023/2024 season has been determined at the General Assembly (ALV). These amounts are exclusive of the work actions.

- Swimming (Without a starting license)€ 41,75
- Water Polo - Recreational (Without a starting license/water polo card)

€ 41,75

- Water Polo - Competitive (With a starting license/water polo card) € 161,50

Work Actions: 

In addition to paying the membership fee, all members are required to perform one or two work actions or buy them off. The concept of 'work actions' was devised to reduce the membership fee. The distribution of work actions is determined as follows at the GMM:

For more information about work activities you can contact the general commissioner. 

- Swimming1 work action
- Water Polo - Recreational1 work action
- Water Polo - Competitive Men 2 work actions
- Water Polo - Competitive Women 2 work actions

The cost of one work action for the 2023-2024 season has been set at €25 at the ALV. The penalty for not showing up for a scheduled work action is €10.


As a Hydrofiel member, you must also possess a valid sport card from the RSC (Radboud Sport Centre).

You can apply for or renew the student sport card digitally HERE . Alumni who graduated more than one year but less than three years ago (x+2 and x+3 regulations) are also eligible for a student sport card but at a higher rate. You can register at the RSC desk; see HERE  for more information.

Starting Permit

If you want to participate in swimming competitions outside the student league, you need a starting permit. Starting permits for the calendar year 2023 cost:

- Day Permit€ 8,40
- Starting Permit€ 42,05

If you want a starting permit, please contact the secretary. Starting permits run per calendar year (January 1 - December 31). Switching a starting permit from another association costs €16,20. If you want to cancel your starting permit, send an email to


We hope that everyone is eager to continue training with our wonderful association! If this is not the case, please send an email to before August 31st. If you unsubscribe after August 31, the membership will be automatically renewed, and you will owe membership fees for the next season.

Water polo players who play competitively must unsubscribe themselves before July 1st of the respective season.